About me

Ing. Helena Blahoutová
Certified translator of the English and German languages
Appointed by the Municipal Court in Prague in the year 1994

Born in the town of Sušice in 1961. After studying at the College of Economics in Prague 10, I was employed in Chemapol, a company involved in foreign trade with chemicals. After that I studied at the Prague University of Economics, majoring in Economics of Foreign Trade (grade achieved – MBA). Afterwards I completed a five-year study programme for the PhD degree at the Institute of Economics of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Department of Economics of Developing Countries. Concurrently, I passed the state examinations in English, German, Russian and French. From 1990 I was employed with the German firm RW TÜV Essen, Prague representation office, for two years. From 1991 I worked in the Law Office Kříž a Bělina as office manager and translator. Since January 1, 1992 I have worked as a freelance translator of the English, German, French and Russian languages and since the year 1994 as a certified translator of the English and German languages.

I have translated several specialized books, the most well known of them being “Democracy and Its Critics” (R.A. Dahl, Victoria Publishing, the book of the year in the U.S.A. in 1989) and “Valuation of Firms” (T. Copeland, T. Koller, J. Murrin, Victoria Publishing).

So far, I have carried out over 30,000 certified translations from all possible areas of human activity. Very often, these translations involve complex contractual documentation for projects in the value of many million USD.