Overview of services

Certified translations of official documents of all kinds for firms and individuals from and to the English and German language. We do certified translations with a round seal only.

For firms:

  • Foundation deeds, Articles of Association, Memoranda of Association, letters of incorporation
  • Attests a certificates of all kinds
  • Powers of attorney, employment contracts, lease contracts, loan agreements, bank guarantees, contracts on transfer of ownership interest, etc.
  • Notarial deeds, extracts from the Commercial Register and the Land Register
  • All types of legal opinions and analyses, judgements, evidence in lawsuits (business correspondence, invoices etc.)
  • Standards, laws and official orders of all kinds
  • Business correspondence for firms

For individuals:

  • Personal documents (birth and baptismal certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates)
  • Certificates from all kinds of schools, general certificates of education, university diplomas, various vocational certificates and diplomas
  • Driving licences, various authorizations, certificates of graduation, insurance certificates, extracts from criminal records, trade licences, bank statements
  • Powers of attorney, police records, specimen signatures
  • All kinds of contracts (lease contracts, purchase contracts, contracts of procurement, work contracts)
  • Testaments, notarial records, judgements, all applications and court pleadings

We are specialized in co-operation with Czech and foreign law offices and translate especially legal and economic documents.